Railway work and track reconstruction

M.J. Eriksson has its own independent railway department, which since 2007 has built up a solid body of experience in all types of railway work, in terms of constructing new stretches of railway, high-speed lines, track reconstruction and the renovation of existing infrastructure.

The railway department currently employs more than 50 members of staff across Denmark and handles turnkey, main and specialist contracts, both on our own and in collaboration with professionally trained track workers from both Denmark and abroad.

Our skilled employees in the railway department are specially trained in all aspects of railway work and track reconstruction and are therefore able to work on everything from project management and technical matters to construction and installation. The railway department also has a broad supply of specialist machinery and equipment for the execution of railway and track work, and has its own SR1 and SR2 work management that enables us to handle the vast majority of tasks – even along tracks in operation.

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