Leasing of cranes and machinery

M.J. Eriksson has Denmark’s biggest privately owned fleet of modern construction machinery, comprising more than 450 units on both belts and wheels, suitable for all types of construction and building projects.

We use our machines for our own construction contracts as well as offering rental of both cranes and larger construction machinery.

M.J. Eriksson prioritises quality, service and dialogue. This applies equally to our work and our crane and machine hire. We also focus on ensuring our employees perform their tasks under the appropriate conditions and in accordance with the relevant collective employment agreements.

Our crane and machine operators regularly attend courses and training. This is your assurance that we will deliver the best quality and service whenever you hire cranes or construction machinery from us.

Crane hire

M.J. Eriksson leases mobile, belt and lattice boom cranes, all operated by experienced crane operators. Our crane hire service covers all of Denmark, and we offer your construction project the safe and professional handling of all forms of lifting tasks wherever you are in the country.

Our crane department has an extensive fleet of mobile and belt cranes capable of handling lifting jobs up to 280 tonnes at heights up to 90 metres. All our cranes come from the German manufacturer Liebherr, and our crane operators are among the most experienced and competent in the industry.

Contact us for more details regarding crane hire
Further information about crane hire can be obtained from our department manager, Kim Jakobsen.​

Mobile: +45 2276 3439
Email: kij@mje.dk



Machine hire

M.J. Eriksson leases out excavation machinery and bulldozers over 30 tonnes as well as a duty cycle crawler crane.
All our machinery is equipped with GPS and advanced machine control systems and rented on an hourly basis or by agreement. ​

Contact us for more details regarding machine hire
Further information about machine hire can be obtained from our logistics and machinery manager, Karen Hyttemads.​

Mobile: +45 2144 0335
Email: kah@mje.dk

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