Coastal protection, embankments and jetties

The Danish coasts and harbours are under pressure from climate changes and rising seawater levels. In recent years, the erosion of our coasts has increased significantly and changes in wind and weather conditions are a serious challenge to many port towns and coastal residential areas, which are often flooded after a storm surge.

M.J. Eriksson has a wide range of experience in establishing coastal protection, embankments and jetties as well as storm surge protection throughout Denmark. We guarantee constructions that protects harbours, coastal towns and coastal residential areas against rising water levels brought about by storm surges and cloudbursts.

M.J. Eriksson undertakes coastal protection and jetties in turnkey and main contracts, and we will sometimes offer our services as a subcontractor for carefully selected projects in relation to the nature, size and complexity of the contract.

The work with coastal protection frequently involves pumping out, installing and removing large amounts of sand and soil, while the building or reinforcement of breakwaters or jetties is often performed as a loose rock dump.

M.J. Eriksson also undertakes the construction of embankments with and without clay cores, flood walls and river bank protection with visible or hidden sheet pile walls with fill slopes, which can be protected with geotextile sheets, riprap and ballast.

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