Data centres and high-tech

Since 2016, M.J. Eriksson has carried out major civil works contracts for several global market leaders in the data and high-tech industry. This makes us far and away the most experienced construction contractor in Denmark when it comes to the construction and execution of large-scale data centres for the organisation and support of international functionality and capacity.

We are responsible for all earthworks, drainage, foundations, power supply, building and surfacing work for these complex projects, as well as all concrete work. Our work also covers the establishment of many hundreds of kilometres of cable ducts, including a considerable number of large cable shafts.

Our work is certified in accordance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which verifies that the design and construction of a building conforms to the highest standards in regard to environmental use of materials throughout the building’s entire life cycle.

We have also handled the establishment and operation of building sites, including setting up permanent security fences, the demolition of existing buildings, the establishment of internal roads, excavation for buildings and catch basins, rainwater and sewage systems, cable trenches, fibre optics and the supply of sprinkler and heat recovery systems.

All of our projects are subject to confidentiality agreements. For this reason, information on property developers, collaborative partners, execution periods and contract sums cannot be provided.


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