Groundwater lowering

M.J. Eriksson has an independent department for groundwater lowering, which executes all types of groundwater lowering and dewatering of construction pits across Denmark, for both public sector and private developers and all types of contracts.

Our department for groundwater lowering has the most modern specialist equipment in the industry at its disposal for tasks within groundwater lowering and dewatering of construction sites, including mobile drilling rigs and trucks, and well points with both electrical and diesel-powered vacuum pumps. We can also perform filter boring, both as guided dry auger boring and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling.

The department was established in 1993 and has since built up a great deal of experience and knowledge of the geological conditions across Denmark, especially regarding the subterranean environment of Copenhagen and Zealand.

The department’s staff are experts within their specialist area and work exclusively with groundwater lowering and dewatering for construction projects. The tasks are generally executed as part of our own construction contracts, but the department’s expertise and capacity are requested just as highly by other building contractors across Denmark and southern Sweden – not only because we have the expertise, machinery and manpower for the task, but also due to our ability to mobilise the necessary capacity at short notice.

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