Roads and motorways

As Denmark’s biggest construction contractor, M.J. Eriksson has helped to extend large parts of the Danish road network since the 1980s. We undertake all types of road projects as main or turnkey contracts throughout Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Over the past 35 years, M.J. Eriksson has added hundreds of kilometres of highway to Denmark’s road network with new motorways, highways and public roads, which have helped to increase mobility and improve road safety.

Most recently, M.J. Eriksson has constructed the Fjord Link Frederikssund, multiple stages of the Holstebro, Silkeborg and Kalundborg motorways, expanded the Køge Bugt motorway and constructed a large bypass south of Aalborg.

We are currently working on yet another expansion of the Funen Motorway as well as establishing Nordskovvej in Silkeborg and the Bering-Beder Vej south of Aarhus, along with a new road connection at Uhre near Vejle.

When we construct roads, both out in the open countryside and in urban settlements where the project will often include roundabouts, pedestrian paths, bridges and tunnels, we are typically responsible for maintaining road safety and traffic control measures throughout the entire construction process.

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