Site development

M.J. Eriksson works with site development throughout Denmark. Our primary tasks involve working with soil, foundations, surfacing, power supply and drainage pipes as well as any necessary groundwater lowering. Work areas typically include the establishment of new urban and residential areas as well as the erection of hotel, commercial and industrial buildings.

We carry out turnkey site development projects and all forms of construction work for any type of building. We can set up decentralised construction work sites and establish on-site lighting as well as power and water supplies for the construction work. If it is necessary to dewater the site or establish groundwater lowering and dewatering for a construction pit, for example, our groundwater lowering department is ready to offer a solution.  

M.J. Eriksson can undertake turnkey, main or specialist contracts depending on the type of task involved. All construction jobs in a modern site development process involve work within the scope of M.J. Eriksson’s key competencies.


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