Surfacing – terminals and industry

M.J. Eriksson has amassed considerable experience and expertise in establishing high-performance paved areas able to accommodate the use requirements and environmental demands of freight and container terminals, recycling stations and other heavy industry.

We carry out all related construction work, from site clearance to subsequent stabilisation, bottom protection, geomembranes and surfacing work, as well as drainage, sewers, electrical cables and lighting.

Bottom conditions for a specific surfacing contract often bring specific challenges in relation to the huge load strains which the surfacing must be able to withstand. The appropriate bottom construction is thus crucial in order to avoid asphalt rutting and settlement problems.

Naturally, the requirements for the surfacing are extremely high, and to ensure satisfactory load capacity we typically use lime and cement stabilisation, which we mix at our own mixing plant.

M.J. Eriksson has the necessary expertise and equipment at its disposal, and can also carry out regular controls of the surfacing work using plate load testing.

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