Sewer and supply lines

M.J. Eriksson undertakes tasks in this specialist field across Denmark and has a large arsenal of equipment and machinery at its disposal as well as employees who possess the required qualifications and experience to excavate and lay down pipes at all dimensions and levels, both in the open countryside and densely populated urban areas.

M.J. Eriksson establishes all types of drainage, sewer and supply lines. These could be separate pipeline contracts, where district heating or water pipes need renovating, or as part of larger road, rail or construction projects. Contracts typically consist of excavation, establishing pipes and wells, pumping stations, connection, and the filling and re-establishment of surfaces and landscapes.

Depending on their use, different requirements apply for materials and product types when selecting energy and supply lines. We only work with suppliers that can live up to the requirements, and, depending on the type of contract, we can normally supply documentation for this.

M.J. Eriksson can undertake turnkey, main and specialist contracts depending on the type of task involved. Particularly in regard to sewer and utility supply tasks, we have entered into a number of framework agreements around Denmark, either with a municipality or with the local utility company.

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